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Appraisal Management

Freddie Mac, the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA), and the New York State Attorney General collectively implemented the Appraiser Independence Requirements (AIR). These regulations, which lenders and brokers must adhere to by law, usher in both changes and challenges for professionals in the fields of real estate sales and lending. Hudson Valley Appraisal, an appraisal services and appraisal management company, offers AIR-compliant appraisal and appraisal management services to lenders and brokers.

The AIR rules place a significant burden on lenders and brokers, but Hudson Valley Appraisal offers a solution to these new requirements. We are a recognized appraisal management company and have been providing appraisal management services to Hudson Valley and greater New York clients for more than three decades. Lenders can feel comfortable knowing that they are working with a company that has years’ worth of appraisal management experience, in contrast to many of our competitors who are just branching out into this part of the business. Don’t risk navigating this legal channel without a strong, experienced servicer on your side.

Under the AIR, lenders may feel as if they have no choice but to hire a national appraisal management company unfamiliar with the Hudson Valley. This is not the case. Lenders can continue to use Hudson Valley Appraisal. Hudson Valley Appraisal provides the appraisal management services lenders need to comply with in order to follow AIR mandates. We are big enough to get the job done quickly and small enough to be immediately accessible and have on-the-ground knowledge of local Hudson Valley real estate markets.

Following the AIR demands a level of experience and familiarity with the rules and regulations of the appraisal business. At Hudson Valley Appraisal, we have been practicing sound business practices since our inception. Hudson Valley Appraisal operates according to the strictest principles of accuracy and transparency; we have always had a stringent review process and a “no-influence” policy. In a way, you could say the AIR only codified what Hudson Valley Appraisal has already been doing for years.

Our network of appraisers have an average of 20 years’ worth of experience in the field. We have ridden the ups and downs of the economy and real estate cycles before and have an invaluable long-term perspective. You can’t pay for that kind of experience; you have to earn it, year in and year out, which we have been doing for the past 30 years.

Note: FHA-insured home loans are not yet subject to the AIR ruling. Hudson Valley Appraisal provides appraisals for HUD’s FHA loan program. This has not and will not change. Lenders can continue using Hudson Valley Appraisal for all of their FHA-related valuation needs.

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