Services for Attorneys

Hudson Valley Appraisal provides a variety of services to attorneys, including consulting for estate planning and settlement purposes, valuations for prenuptial agreements, matrimonial proceedings, partnership formation or dissolution, eminent domain and contamination litigation. Our three decades worth of appraising properties in New York's Hudson Valley region and beyond make Hudson Valley Appraisal the most qualified firm to provide expert testimony.

Hudson Valley Appraisal also has an extensive background in conservation easement appraisals. The techniques our firm employs in conducting these highly specialized valuations are in line with the Internal Revenue Service's requirements for valuations of this nature. Hudson Valley Appraisal will conduct appraisals that conform to the requirements of the IRS and other federal standards. In addition to conservation easements, Hudson Valley Appraisal has experience with agricultural easements in the state of New York.

President Michael J. Bernholz is uniquely positioned to offer courtroom services to attorneys. Bernholz is one of the most-sought-after and pre-eminent expert witnesses in the real estate appraisal community. His many years of experience makes him uniquely positioned to offer expert witness testimony or witness support. He has successfully represented in court two of the largest tax certiorari cases in the state of New York. Bernholz's appraisal techniques have held up on appeal in the Court of Appeals. Bernholz has a long history of providing attorneys with guidance regarding many complex appraisal valuation issues. He works with attorneys to assist them, guide them through the appraisal process and demonstrate how it will affect their client's case.

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