Services for Government Entities

Unlike many other real estate appraisal firms, Hudson Valley Appraisal caters to a broader clientele than merely mortgage banks and brokers. With a larger, more experienced team and a founder with an extensive public service background, we are able to offer public authorities a complete spectrum of real property valuation services. We work extensively with government agencies and municipalities, bringing to the table an extensive knowledge of the specific codes and standards required for public sector valuations.

Hudson Valley Appraisal is one of only a few firms statewide certified to provide valuations for the Department of Environmental Protection's Land Acquisition Program in the watershed areas serving New York City. We work with the DEP as well as the New York State Department of Conservation and the Watershed Agricultural Council. We have done extensive appraisal work for the New York State Department of Transportation. Additionally, we are approved to provide valuations for the Department of Housing and Urban Development's Federal Housing Administration loan program.

Numerous government entities have turned to us for valuations associated with eminent domain proceedings, conservation easements, tax certiorari proceedings and property damage complaints, as well as litigation support and expert witness testimony. Hudson Valley Appraisal provided the valuations associated with the avigation easement process necessitated by regional Hudson Valley airport expansions.

Hudson Valley Appraisal adheres to the guidelines set forth in the "Yellow Book" of Uniform Appraisal Standards for Federal Land Acquisitions. When a government agency or municipality contacts Hudson Valley Appraisal for real estate consultation services, rest assured that the valuations provided will be of the highest standard and will hold up to local, regional and, if necessary, federal scrutiny. Hudson Valley Appraisal has had extensive experience working within this specific subset of standards governing the acquisition of property for public use, and we understand the unique needs and requirements surrounding these types of appraisals.

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