Services for Lenders/Brokers

As one of the largest and most comprehensive appraisal companies in the greater Hudson Valley region, Hudson Valley Appraisal conducts real estate appraisals for all types of properties. We provide valuations for single- and multi-family houses, co-op apartments, apartment complexes, condominiums, subdivisions, industrial properties, resorts, hotels, motels, restaurants, golf courses, shopping complexes, farms, marinas, mixed-used properties and vacant land.

For commercial appraisals, we cover the entire Hudson Valley region of New York; for residential appraisals, we cover a larger portion of New York. Please click here for more details about our residential coverage; click here for more details about our commercial coverage. Hudson Valley Appraisal provides valuations for HUD’s FHA loan program.

Please click here to see a partial list of approved lenders. If you do not see the lender you are looking for, please contact us. We have more than a hundred approved lenders in total and are continually expanding our network of partner lending institutions.

Hudson Valley Appraisal prides itself on one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry. We can almost always meet or beat a competitor’s turn time, and our three full-time support staffers virtually guarantee that clients will be able to reach a real live member of our team during business hours. Our clients never have to wait several hours for a response. We make it a top priority to make sure clients get answers to their questions promptly.

This prompt service doesn’t end with our accessible staff. We have a fully computerized tracking system to manage all orders and deliver them quickly back to clients. We gladly accept rush orders and specialized requests.

Hudson Valley Appraisal prides itself on providing accurate and professional valuations time after time. We subject all appraisals to thorough in-house reviews before they are released to clients, insuring our appraisals are optimally positioned for the secondary markets.

Hudson Valley Appraisal accepts Visa and MasterCard and we can provide flexible invoicing and customized billing for large accounts. Please click here to request more information.