Services For Homeowners

Hudson Valley Appraisal offers appraisal services for a wide variety of real estate needs. Maybe you're thinking of buying or selling your home. Perhaps you're considering purchasing a multi-unit building for investment purposes. You may need to know how much a property is worth for estate purposes, or if your property assessment is too high. A real estate appraisal from a professional, certified real estate appraiser can be a valuable investment in all of these instances.

Even the most well-educated consumer can only guess how much property is truly worth. At Hudson Valley Appraisal, our staff has more than three decades' worth of experience answering that question. While it's proven that the real estate market is one of the best places to invest your money, market fluctuations make it all the more crucial for you to work with a certified and knowledgeable appraiser who is professionally educated and familiar with property values in your area. You wouldn't invest a sizable portion of your assets into the stock market without consulting an investment professional; likewise, the guidance and insight a professional real estate appraisal provides for homeowners is an invaluable tool when making real estate investment decisions.

Whether you are selling or buying, you should have an appraisal. Hudson Valley Appraisal can also help you determine the value of a property that is part of a will or estate, and can help you fairly allocate your assets in a matrimonial case. An appraisal can help prove your case if you are being assessed beyond the value of your property.

Hudson Valley Appraisal accepts Visa and MasterCard. Feel free to call us, and let us put our expertise to work for you.